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Street Fighter 4 Data APK for ALL Device

Be sure to download the latest version using the tags link above

This game is the best fighting game, this game has an attractive quality graphics,Street Fighter 4 had success on the iphone, and now comes to android version. This game has thousands of fans, and if you are a fan of the game that has the android device, you’ll really want this game.


How to Download Street Fighter IV

Please read this before downloading

Use the link that corresponds to your device and download the file, after you have successfully downloaded, extract this file using winrar or similar software, then rename the existing file, and add. Apk at the end of the file name.

for example : filename.apk

and here are some links to download the APK file

Here are some link for Data file

Download SD File HERE

please rename the file and add .7z to behind a file after downloaded

for example : filename.7z

How to Install Street Fighter 4

  • press install apk file after downloaded but do not open
  • Extract data file and paste to sdcard/SF_IV_DATA
  • Play the game and enjoy

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Date posted:May 26th, 2012