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Download and Install Temple Run Armv6

Be sure to download the latest version using the tags link above

Temple Run is the most fun game today, you can try it by downloading the apk file that I provide below.

Temple Run is a game that requires good reflexes, jumping to avoid obstacles in order to shift you into a winner.


Downlod Link Temple Run Armv6

You can download this game through a few links

DirectMirror :

Howto Install temple run armv6

To run this game you have rooted android, and Chainfire 3D be installed. if you have not installed chainfire 3D please go to page Chainfire 3D pro and Plugin

  1. Download and install APK file
  2. Open Chainfire 3D
  3. go to Default OpenGL setting Click Reduce texture quality
  4. select QUALCOMM plugin in Chainfire 3D setting
  5. Back to Menu and launch game.

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Date posted:July 30th, 2012