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Fast Burst Camera Pro Android Apps Download

Be sure to download the latest version using the tags link above

“Fast Burst Camera” is a camera application that allows you to take moving pictures, like when you play skateboard, these applications can take a picture 30 times a second, so you will not miss an important moment in such a short time.

Fast-Burst-Camera-Android-apps-download (4).jpg

Fast Burst Camera is released in two versions, lite and pro versions, there is a link below to download the pro version, you can download it for free using the link below, but I must recommend you to buy through google play here.


Fast-Burst-Camera-Android-apps-download (1).jpg

Fast-Burst-Camera-Android-apps-download (2).jpg Fast-Burst-Camera-Android-apps-download (3).jpg Fast-Burst-Camera-Android-apps-download.jpg

Download Link Fast Burst Camera

Apk File: Fast-Burst-camera.apk [file size: 1.62MB]

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Date posted:August 7th, 2012