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Clean Memory Cleaner v4.0 Android Apps Download

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one of the problems on Android OS RAM memory is full, the at result because too many applications installed, one of your new habits when using the android is there are so many applications that are ready to install, no matter how you use the amount of memory you will never be satisfied.

To reduce the impact of the full RAM memory, you can use the Clean Memory Cleaner, which can be downloaded via the link below.

Clean Memory Cleaner v4.0


You will not find another memory cleaner that’s easy, simple and out performs *CLEAN*. We guarantee it. On a few devices SD card is showing incorrect memory size. We are working on a fix. Clean is one of the most useful and needed tools you will download for your mobile device. If you’ve noticed that your phone or tablet isn’t as fast as it once was then this is the app for you!

  • If you have a new device and want to keep it running like new then you want this app.
  • You need Clean
  • If you browse the internet
  • If you use multiple apps
  • If you use multiple live wallpaper and launchers
  • If you keep data and files
  • If you save text messages from contacts

What does it do? Clean is a powerful tool that clean files and optimizes memory to increase the speed of your mobile device. Our app will speed up old devices and keeps new devices fresh.

  • Cleans memory
  • Cleans cache files
  • Cleans corrupted files
  • Cleans internet history
  • Enhances performance
  • Speeds up lagging devices
  • Free up system memory

Does all this with one push of a button

Clean will work for any device running the android system including the Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Color. Clean is user friendly and includes an easy to use interface and simple design. Clean optimizes memory by cleaning and arranging files stored on a disk much like the programs found on every laptop and pc. It also boosts the allocation speed for new files, clearing memory and cache files to decrease work load and cpu stress.

You do not need another program running in the background wasting valuable memory and cpu power. That’s why Clean shuts down completely when you exit.

Clean is also fast and has a low file size so it won’t take up much space on your phone or tablet. We recommend using Clean three times a week for optimal performance.

What’s in this version : (Updated : Nov 8, 2012) Update 3.0.
Added support for smaller screens. Fixed button size issue on some devices. Code improvements.

Required Android O/S : 2.2+

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Download Clean Memory Cleaner v4.0

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Clean Memory Cleaner v4.0
Clean Memory Cleaner v4.0
Clean Memory Cleaner v4.0
Clean Memory Cleaner v4.0

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Clean Memory Cleaner

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Date posted:November 10th, 2012