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GPP Remote Viewer v1.0.0 Android Apps Download

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It is an application that will be useful if you want to access your computer from your Android phone, take the data on the computer, accessing files, or just play music, GPP Remote Viewer v1.0.0 download via the download link below.

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You are away from their desk or home computer? You urgently need a file from it? This program is for you! The program is designed for remote access to your computer. Wherever you are, your files are always with you.

The program will automatically find your computer and choose the best way to connect to it. You can copy, delete, download and upload files and install Android apps from your PC in one click. You can watch screen on your PC, watch what happens to your home via WEBCAM, send messages and other… Perfect for parents monitoring their children’s computer usage, employers verifying employee activities, or business people. No network setup required. Setup is easy.

  • Live view
  • Live control
  • Webcam Live View
  • Remote file manager
  • Remote process control
  • Send messages
  • Power manager
  • Media Control
  • Remote Actions

What’s in this version : (Updated : Nov 18, 2012)

  • Due to the enormous number of pirated versions we have decided to completely revise the program architecture. Now to enter the program requires an account. We hope for your understanding.
  • You have to re-create your own list of computers.

Required Android O/S : 2.1+

Read full description on google play here

Download GPP Remote Viewer v1.0.0

Apk file download here

How To use GPP Remote Viewer

  • Download PC software Here
  • When the program starts, the program prompts you to enter your login and password. If you want to connect to your computer outside your home network Wi-Fi, simply enter your login and password, for example, “MyHomePC.” If you want to connect to your PC via 3G, GPRS, you will need to register on our server. To do this, click on the appropriate button.
  • Run the application on the phone . In the application menu, select “Add Host ” . Fill in all fields and click “Add” to the list of your added record . Click on it and select Services .

Full instruction read here


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Video how GPP Remote Viewer work

Check new version Here:
GPP Remote Viewer

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Date posted:November 19th, 2012