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Tank Recon 3D v 2.14.2 Android Game Download

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Tank Recon 3D is a game about Tangk in war, you have to put the tank called Alpha in the right place, run and destroy the enemy, you have to look at stock indicators bullets and tanks, so your mission successfully, Tank Recon 3D has a stunning display, area to be like a real war, download the Tank Recon 3D version 2.14.2 (v2.14.2) via the download link below

Tank Recon 3D v 2.14.2 (3).jpg

Description Tank Recon 3D v2.14.2

Explosive 3D Tank battles in real-time.
Piloting your new advanced tank, code named Alpha, you will be shooting it out with various units such as tanks, planes, AT guns and more. Fire your main cannon and watch as the enemy explodes into pieces. Use your guided missiles to bring down enemy planes or anything else that needs blowing up!

What’s in this version:
- fixed bug force close on some devices cause by previous update.
- fixed bug where control scale wasn’t being saved.
- added support for the MOGA GamePad.
- other minor fixes.
- fix for Jelly bean
- MUST update
- fixes crash cause by invalid saved games
- deletes saved games unfortunately
- NEW Armour Pickup. Really rare drop
- fixed save game delete button not working
- fixed problem with tanks not spawning on some of the level

About Tank Recon 3D v 2.14.2

  • UPDATED: December 3, 2012
  • REQUIRES ANDROID: 2.0 and up
  • CATEGORY: Arcade & Action
  • Read full description and compatiobility check via google play here

Download Tank Recon 3D v 2.14.2 Apk

Apk download here ( rar archived

Use mirror if the download link above slow or removed

Screenshot Tank Recon 3D v 2.14.2

Tank Recon 3D v 2.14.2 (1).jpg

Tank Recon 3D v 2.14.2 (2).jpg

Tank Recon 3D v 2.14.2 (4).jpg

Check new version Here:
Tank Recon 3D

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Date posted:December 7th, 2012